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Alice von Maltzahn (b.1983) is a contemporary artist living and working in London. She studied art at Wimbledon College of Fine Art and The Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing at Oxford University.

Between 2011 and 2013  Alice von Maltzahn worked with Wendt + Friedman Gallery in Berlin, on both group and solo exhibitions in Berlin and Cologne.

In 2014 she was featured in the title Paper Play; follow up to the bestselling Paper Works published by Sandu Press, an exploration of international artists working in the medium of paper. 

von Maltzahn was Artist in residence at Blacks Club Soho between 2015 and 2017, creating site specific works for the club and holding two solo shows.

Her work is part of the Soho House Art Collection London.

Working predominantly with Japanese papers, inks and sustainable materials, her work examines temporality, the environment, our place within it and the traces we leave behind.

"The work is an examination of the structures that surround us. Her pieces reveal layers of city that have come before, documenting the growth that makes it up; unearthed strata of information and experience.


These layers present us with the dichotomy of our landscape; they are both delicate and strong. Parts that recall feathers, human hearts, plant-life do battle with and win against urban constructions that, on the surface, speak to force. Each image describes an element of these battles. They show permeation of pavements; the organic breaking through something that was, perhaps, unsustainable to begin with. The idea that we are naturally stronger than these structures that surround us is built upon with each new image. Softness and hardness are placed side-by-side, and re-examined in relation to each other. Those nests of wood and plant; delicate, intricate, feminine, are also hard, rendered in a way that is almost sinister".  

ELEANOR RUSHTON - Poet and Writer | Co- Creator of the StoryEtc Podcast

Selected Exhibitions

2020 House of Bandits | Sarabande | London

2020 From This Place We Root | Proposition Studios | London

2018 Art Miami | Michael Goedhuis Gallery | Miami

2018 Salon Art and Design | Michael Goedhuis Gallery | NYC 

2018 PAD London | Michael Goedhuis Gallery | London

2018 Expo Chicago | Michael Goedhuis Gallery | Chicago USA

2018 Adventures and Curiosities with Elephant Family | Hauser and Wirth | London


2017 Alice von Maltzahn | Caravanserail | London


2017 Temporal City | Clerkenwell Gallery | London


2015-2017 Cold Folds | Collaborative Site Specific Installation with artist Emilie Pugh | Blacks Club Soho | London


2015 Inheritance | Blacks Club Soho | London


2014 Intra | The Asylum Peckham | London


2013 Fine Limit | No.1 Room Capacity | Berlin


2012 Vivanets | Art in Hospitals | Berlin


2012 Mixed Show | Wendt+Friedmann | Berlin


2011 Built | Wendt+Friedmann | Berlin


2010 Look Both Ways | London


2008 Delal| 74 The High St | Oxford


2008 Box Ladder | Modern Art Oxford 


2007 Silent Spaces | The Northcote Gallery | London


2005 From Up High | Freud | Oxford





Paper Play | Sandu Press


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2015-2017 Blacks Club Soho | London


2010-2011 The Bothy | Oxfordshire

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